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At Pinegrove Productions our work is initiated both in-house and by our clients. Our approach is collaborative and culturally sensitive. Pinegrove videos have been screened at film festivals, and been aired on television both here and abroad. Our bilingual, multimedia, educational resources are used by teachers and kids across Canada.

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QUB’s Promo
Eco-Highway Video
Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 1
Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 2
Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 3
Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 4
Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 5
Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 6
The Road to Sustainability
Trees, Youth, Our Future Episode 1
Trees, Youth, Our Future Episode 2
The Eeyouch of Eeyou Istchee Ep.1
The Eeyouch of Eeyou Istchee Ep.2
The Eeyouch of Eeyou Istchee Ep.3
The Eeyouch of Eeyou Istchee Ep.4
Woodland Caribou Ep.1
Woodland Caribou Ep.2
Woodland Caribou Ep.3
Woodland Caribou Ep.4
Woodland Caribou Ep.5
Woodland Caribou Ep.6
Getting Away with Murder
Mission Possible
Alien Invaders
Discovering Biodiversity Ep.1
Discovering Biodiversity Ep.2
Discovering Biodiversity Ep.3
Discovering Biodiversity Ep.4
Discovering Biodiversity Ep.5
Discovering Biodiversity Ep.6
7 People
A Little Can Do a Lot
Bear with Me
Our Incredible World
Path of the Elders
Studio of Dreams
Native Drums
Native Dance
First Encounters