Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 6

Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 6

SOH: Shared Urban Spaces

In this final episode, our investigators are assigned to look to their own habitat to find species at risk. Charlie, now a dedicated member of the team, suggests bats. Jack’s in favour – finally a species worthy to star in his horror film. All three go on this adventure that takes them into the depths of a nearby bat cave. They also meet with an urban planner who explains what she does to ensure that urban spaces leave room for the needs of wild species. Determined to also do their best to help wild species, the team comes up with a brilliant plan.

Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 5

SOH: Vanishing Wetlands

Tabitha chooses turtles and gets the opportunity to assist with a turtle recovery project and to learn why so many species of turtles are at risk. Jack reluctantly accepts a snake assignment that takes him to a major highway development and bridge in Windsor, Ontario. Not seeing any wetlands, he thinks he’s in the wrong place. A species expert assures him that foxsnakes are adaptable, even to heavily modified environments, as long as they can move safely between different parts of their habitat. The expert shows Jack a major wildlife passage under the 6-lane parkway that the developers were required to include in the building of the highway.

Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 4

SOH: Shrinking Forests

When Jack learns that their next assignment involves a mysterious green dragon in a secret location, he’s out the door with Tabitha close behind. After an hour of hiking and no sign of dragons the two run into a field researcher who informs them that they are nearly standing on it. Disappointed that it’s only a plant, Jack heads off to investigate a lizard. Meanwhile Tabitha, fascinated by plants, discovers from a First Nations elder why everything was so secretive on this mission. Back at home, Tabitha applies her new insights to her backyard project.

Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 3

SOH: Aquatic Haunts

While Charlie is upgrading the antiquated technology at OIW headquarters, Tabitha and Jack are sent on a mission to learn about aquatic and semi-aquatic species at risk. Jack heads to Rondeau Park where he sets up a night-time stakeout, survivorman style, for the nocturnal Fowler’s toad that inhabits beaches and marshes in the park. He bumps into a herpetologist who explains why the toads are at risk and invites Jack to check out a breeding program for Fowler’s Toads. Tabitha meanwhile meets with a Mohawk biologist who introduces her to the long and perilous journeys made by American eel in their fight for survival. He also shows her some of the ingenious ways in which people are helping eels.

Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 2

SOH: Disappearing Grasslands

Tabitha and Jack’s assignment is to investigate two endangered grassland species – the Loggerhead shrike and the American badger. Tabitha chooses the badger. Her investigations take her to a farm where she meets with a badger expert and the landowner whose family has been sharing their farm with badgers for many generations. Determined to get some footage for Jack’s film, she spends the night camped beside the badger den. Meanwhile Jack is not too enthusiastic about investigating what he thinks is going to be a boring little songbird. Turns out he is totally wrong. Loggerhead shrike, as he discovers, have some pretty gruesome habits.

Sharing Our Habitat – Ep. 1

SOH: Into the Boreal

On assignment to find out about species at risk in the boreal forest, Jack and Tabitha board the Polar Bear Express and head north to Moosonee. Jack has read about a wolverine sighting in the area and has made plans to meet a research scientist to learn more about this elusive northern predator. He thinks the wolverine will be the perfect star for his horror movie, but is not sure that he will live to tell the tale! Tabitha meanwhile ventures into the pristine wilderness around the Northern French River to talk with Cree researchers about their Lake sturgeon recovery program. Inspired, and wanting to know more, she travels south to Lake St. Clair, where she’s been invited to get more hands-on with this fascinating prehistoric fish.

Bear with Me

Bear With Me: a young person’s guide to black bear safety.

Josh wants to write a story on black bears for his school newspaper.  He interviews an expert and has a close encounter with a bear during a camping trip. This video is about the do’s and don’ts of living in bear country.


Discovering Biodiversity Ep.6

OIW: Presentation of Findings

In episode 6 Jesse and Seka prepare and present their findings to members of city council, their teacher and fellow students. They speak passionately about the importance of maintaining wetlands for the many creatures, plants and people that depend on them.

Discovering Biodiversity Ep.5

OIW: Understanding Adaptation to Specific Habitats

In episode 5 Jesse and Seka pay one more visit to their wetland where Tabby helps them figure out how species have adapted to living there, how they interrelate, and how they depend on this environment for survival. They question how scientists know so much about species, and are introduced to radio tracking methods.

Discovering Biodiversity Ep.4

OIW: Classification Practise and Learning about Microorganisms

In episode 4 Jesse and Seka input and analyze all the data they collected at the wetland. They discover they have forgotten all about microorganisms The two meet a scientist at the wetland who introduces them to the world of slimy algae, useful bacteria and millions of other microorganisms.